The fitness landscape has been reimagined. No longer are we handcuffed to leaving our abodes in order to get a sweat on. In today’s environment, there’s plenty of effective home gym equipment to turn your loft, home or basement into a quality workout haven.

Sure, there’s still room in at-home training for tried and trusted silhouettes like squat racks, dumbbells and cable machines, but thanks to the digital meshing of tech and fitness, there’s far more opportunities to train without the added weight. These connected setups can help you achieve a solid workout through live and on-demand classes, all-in-one profiles and much more. Some of today’s fitness machines can even pull double duty as a personal trainer offering real-time advice and form correction to keep you safe and motivated for each heart-pounding set or circuit.

Whether opting for a tech-heavy smart machine or a traditional, bang-and-clang home gym, we’ve got you covered. Check out these picks for the best home fitness equipment you can buy right now.

What to Look for in a Home Gym Machine

Before you commit to getting your at-home workout routine started, there are a few key things you need to consider. First and foremost, make sure you have enough space to accommodate your new training equipment. Home gym machines can vary from the sleek and minimal, to the bulky and room-swallowing. Pay attention to your machine dimensions and break out that trusty tape measure to ensure you have the room.

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Getting fit isn’t just about buying the right gear, it’s about setting goals and creating lasting habits. Sign up here for a 5-lesson guide full of advice from fitness pros on how to get and stay fit.

Second, take a look at your fitness goals and evaluate how much you want to invest in your training. Is a quality home gym pricey? Yes and no. Be prepared to spend between $1,000 and $3,000, on average. To ease the initial blow to your wallet, most equipment can be financed monthly for around the price of a gym membership. So, if you crunch the numbers over the long play, you could end up saving money with the home gym route. It’s worth noting, too, that with connected fitness equipment, you’ll have to pay an additional monthly fee for access to live and on-demand classes. These fees typically range from $39 per month to $69 per month.

You should also think about how you want to work out and what additional equipment will be needed for your desired exercises. If you just want to stick to cardio-centric training like rowing, cycling or running on a treadmill, great. There are plenty of options available. But if you want more flexibility and prefer bodyweight or strength exercises, look for traditional machines or connected devices offering those modalities. You can add gear like adjustable dumbbells, weight plates or resistance bands to fuel your workouts, too, depending on how much you want to build out your dream home gym.

Lastly, if you’re worried about setting up your new home fitness equipment, most companies offer a convenient setup service for a reasonable fee. While you can always go the DIY route, we highly recommend utilizing this option, especially when hanging connected equipment or working in tighter spaces — you want to challenge your muscles, not your sanity.

How We Tested

collage of home gym equipment
Gear Patrol Staff

While finding the space needed to test a lot of home gym equipment was a lift in itself — pun intended — we were able to get hands-on with a few of our picks below. Across multiple disciplines, we tested each machine’s effectiveness and ease of use, along with features and additional fitness opportunities contained within each product. Also, we looked at how easily each piece fits into our current living spaces and how much of a physical commitment you sign up for in terms of floor space.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

Best Overall Home Gym Machine

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym
$1,099.00 (27% off)

  • Great variety of workouts and modalities
  • Lifetime warranty for Power Rods

  • While compact, you still need at least 7 feet of height clearance for proper housing
  • Power Rods can begin to lose resistance over extended use

The best home gym machines are compact, easy to use and have the ability to hit every muscle group through a variety of exercises. No other piece of traditional home gym equipment checks all those boxes better than the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE, in our opinion. With over 70 exercises to choose from, this bestseller uses Bowflex’s proprietary Power Rod system to produce up to 210 pounds of resistance, with optional upgrades of 310 pounds and 410 pounds.

How do the Power Rods compare to real weights? Most agree they’re better and safer. The Rods deliver smooth resistance that increases during the lifting motion. This type of action can be easier on your joints than traditional free weights. Assembly can be arduous, though, so we recommend opting for the in-home assembly add-on ($299).

Vitruvian Trainer+


Vitruvian Trainer+

  • Up to 440 pounds of resistance can create plenty of muscle-boosting training scenarios
  • Sleek, compact profile can fit any training space

  • Accessory kit sold separately, limiting out-of-box potential
  • Maximum 30-minute courses might be too short for more intense workout sessions

Strength training at home doesn’t need to be a cumbersome ordeal. Yes, there’s plenty to love about a dedicated garage or training room boasting a plethora of dumbbells, racks and weight plates, but for many, this layout isn’t possible. Thankfully, you can create a worthwhile strength-focused regimen without the extended footprint with the Trainer+ from Vitruvian. The sleek, compact platform features two cables that can offer up to 440 pounds of resistance — perfect for most at-home athletes looking to muscle up their training.

There’s also less thinking involved when working out atop the Vitruvian Trainer+, as the device helps track your progress, count your reps and outline which exercises to do in your specific session. We also really like the adaptive weight technology built into this premium fitness machine that automatically adjusts your resistance based on your form. To unlock all the potential the Vitruvian Trainer+ has to offer, though, we recommend adding one of the brand’s accessory kits to your cart. Sadly, the base product only comes equipped with two lightweight handles and two ankle straps, which can handcuff your workout options at times.

Gorilla Bow Original

Best Budget Home Gym Equipment

Gorilla Bow Original

  • Great alternative to traditional barbell exercises
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds of band resistance

  • Original Gorilla Bow doesn’t break down for convenient storage
  • Not suitable for those allergic to latex

If you want that barbell experience at home but don’t have the space for a traditional bench or squat rack, the Original Gorilla Bow can be a great workout experience at a fraction of the cost. Resembling a traditional longbow, the Original Gorilla Bow can hold up to four of the included bands for up to 300 pounds of tension. This can help you craft a well-rounded fitness routine that includes common gym movements like squats, deadlifts, rows and more.

We’ve really enjoyed how easily the bands can be strung across the aircraft-grade aluminum bow, as well as the barbell-like feel in your hands. If you’re not as versed in barbell training, Gorilla Bow offers a monthly subscription service ($14.99/month) that features live and on-demand training courses led by their expert team of fitness instructors. As our top pick for resistance training, the Original Gorilla Bow can be a great, cost-effective way to hit your mark with at-home workouts.

PRx Performance Couple's Elite Home Gym Package

Best All-in-One Garage Home Gym Machine

PRx Performance Couple's Elite Home Gym Package

  • One-stop-shop for traditional strength training experience
  • Heavy duty construction

  • At least 9-foot ceilings required, depending on which size you choose
  • Plastic footplates can slide on some floors

Fair warning: you may want to keep your garage door shut, or you’ll quickly become the neighborhood CrossFit gym. Instead of piece-mealing a rack, bench, bars, plyo boxes and weights, the PRx Couple’s Elite is a one-stop shop, click-and-buy gym. The standard package comes with everything you need for just about any WOD, including his and hers Olympic bars with 260 pounds of rubber plates, a flat folding bench, dip bar, medicine balls, 24-inch soft-side plyo box and more. It’s certainly not cheap, but if you go this route, you will truly never have to visit a gym again.

Marcy Pro Smith Machine Home Gym Training System Cage

Best Smith Machine

Marcy Pro Smith Machine Home Gym Training System Cage

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Removable bench allows for pressing and other training modalities

  • Barbell not detachable for free weight training
  • Only available via freight delivery in the contiguous United States

Make canceling that gym membership a no-brainer. The Marcy Pro takes the most popular pieces of commercial gym equipment and packs them into a compact footprint that’s less than 50 square feet. It combines a Smith machine, cable machine and Olympic weight rack into a freestanding power cage. There’s not a fundamental exercise you can’t do on this thing: dips, bench presses, lat pulldowns, squats and more. Working out solo? The Smith machine allows you to lift weights at your max without having to worry about pinning yourself down when reaching past your limits.

One major note, however. The weights are sold separately, so be prepared to spend another $500–$800 to get started. Additionally, assembly can be somewhat tedious, and shipments present a few hurdles as well due to the size and weight of the product.

Titan Fitness T-3 Series Power Rack

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness T-3 Series Power Rack

  • Wider cage can accommodate sumo-style stances
  • Constructed from durable 11-gauge steel for premium lifting stability

  • Safety bars are not included in the base package
  • Powdercoat can ding and scratch easily if handled improperly

Have a burning desire to transform that vacant garage corner into a weightlifting mecca? This power rack from Titan Fitness can be an excellent starting point. We love lifting across this durable frame constructed from sturdy, stable 11-gauge steel. Plus, the ample space within the cage is wide enough to accommodate wider stances, allowing you to perform sumo deadlifts and other extended setups without leaving the structure.

The T-3 Series Power Rack also comes standard with a 1.25-inch pull-up bar, 2-inch fat pull-up bar and two reinforced J-hooks for barbell storage. The one thing we wish Titan Fitness would include in the base packaging is squat safety bars, which would give you a complete setup right from the start. Still, if you have dreams of pressing and pulling some serious weight, this power rack is more than capable of supporting those fitness goals.

NordicTrack Fusion CST

Best Home Gym Machine for Novice Lifters

NordicTrack Fusion CST
$1,599.00 (20% off)

  • Adjustable tablet stand for easier workout viewing
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance offers quiet, effective training

  • Roughly 400 pounds, which can limit where you set up the machine
  • Cable attachment points are not adjustable

Besides being intimidating, lifting heavy weights can be a risky endeavor for someone new to strength training. One minor flaw in your form can easily lead to a pulled muscle or a thrown-out back. Enter the cable machine: a safer way to build full-body strength without having to rely on heavy plates or dumbbells. And there’s no better cable machine than the NordicTrack Fusion CST. This compact tower offers six different magnetic cable attachment points to cover just about every upper and lower body exercise with 20 levels of resistance for a well-rounded workout experience.

Want some guidance and personal training advice? The Fusion CST grants you access to NordicTrack’s vast iFit library — free for the first 30 days — of live and on-demand personal training sessions, all while the machine adjusts to the perfect resistance for you.




  • Low-impact training provides a convenient yet challenging way to achieve your cardio and strength goals
  • Gearbox drive system can provide better levels of resistance for more intense training sessions

  • At least 8-foot ceilings required for use, which can limit where you store this device
  • Requires two people for proper self-assembly

Vertical climbing can be a great full-body training experience on its own but can be particularly exceptional at sculpting strong legs. The all-new CLMBR 02 builds off the success of its predecessor, highlighted by key updates to the Gearbox offering more intense resistance levels and adjustable handles for a more comfortable experience. A $40-monthly membership subscription grants you access to over 400 on-demand classes that can take your at-home workouts to new heights. Follow along with motivational instructors, compete with friends and track your progress across the updated touch LED display.

The CLMBR 02 can be a great solution for those wanting to combine cardio and strength training in a small footprint — the base is less than 9 square feet — but make sure you have the clearance overhead for a proper workout. CLMBR recommends at least 8 feet of vertical clearance, which may limit where you place this effective training device.

TRX PRO4 Suspension Training System

Best Home Gym Equipment for Ab Training

TRX PRO4 Suspension Training System

  • Rubberized hand grips are comfortable and secure
  • Convenient mesh bag for easy storage when not in-use

  • Be sure to pick a sturdy door for anchoring
  • If training outdoors, make sure to tote the system inside once complete

Tight on space but still want an all-encompassing home gym? No matter your fitness level, TRX is one of the top pound-for-pound full-body fitness equipment pieces you can purchase. With nothing more than your bodyweight, there’s not a muscle group you can’t hit with the PRO4 suspension system. The best part? Suspension training requires you to engage your core more than any other piece of equipment, meaning you might finally get that rock-solid midsection you've always wanted. Once we found the right door in our household to anchor from — thinner bedroom doors might not hold your bodyweight — we easily cruised through planks, push-ups, rotations and more for an effective, secure workout.

Inspired by a Navy SEAL's mistakenly packed jiu-jitsu belt, TRX boasts lightweight and compact packaging that makes it super easy to take anywhere. Throw the mesh tote in your carry-on for intense training as you travel. You can even anchor your PRO4 system around a tree or other outdoor structure for a new workout environment, but be sure to bring your gear inside once complete. The PRO4 system doesn’t feature UVA protection, and prolonged sun exposure can compromise the straps’ durability.

Lululemon Studio

Best Home Gym Machine for Minimalists

Lululemon Studio Mirror

  • Sleek design that fits any space
  • New live classes every day for mixed training routines

  • No touchscreen controls
  • Not the best option for those looking for weighted strength training exercises

Sleek and elegant, the Lululemon Studio Mirror is perhaps the only piece of fitness equipment type A personalities won’t mind hanging in their living room. Measuring 56 inches tall and 22 inches inches wide, it will not only fit in the smallest of NYC apartments, but it can also double as a full-length mirror.

Like all connected fitness equipment, Mirror offers a wide range of live and on-demand classes for up to six profiles at $39 per month, with such programs including favorites from some of the nation’s most popular studios including AARMY, DOGPOUND, Pure Barre and more. While this machine definitely caters more toward bodyweight and agility exercises, if you really want to dive into the library, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find a session that suits your needs.

Tempo Studio

Best Personal Trainer Substitute

Tempo Studio

  • Freestanding profile for easier installation
  • Touchscreen controls for simple program navigation

  • Form feedback could be more precise
  • Best for those who don’t lift heavy weights

There’s something about having a personal trainer by your side that makes working out much easier and more enjoyable. There’s the accountability and external motivation to get you through those hard reps with the added bonus of form adjustments. Tempo takes all those personal trainer perks and packs them into a connected fitness experience via an attractive, freestanding easel. Through pulses of infrared light and 3D modeling, Tempo captures every little nuance of your movement, allowing your digital trainer to offer real-time form corrections. Plus, Tempo tracks your reps and makes personalized weight increase suggestions based on your progress.

The Starter kit includes two 7.5 pound dumbbells and 75 pounds of “smart” free weights, but those looking for more can opt for the Tempo’s Plus or or Pro packages, which add competition plates and a 25-pound barbell, along with other accessories. While these boosted kits increase the weight — and the cost — those moving heavier weights in training could still be left wanting more, making Tempo more suited for beginner to intermediate strength training, in our opinion.

Tempo Move

Most Compact Home Gym Machine

Tempo Move

  • Small footprint that connects with already-available home tech
  • Cheaper alternative to Tempo Studio

  • 10-pound competition plates not included
  • Only supports iPhone usage (sorry, Android users)

What if you wanted guided training but in an even more compact profile? Tempo Move delivers a simple, cabinet-like unit that works in sync with tech already at your disposal. Using the front-facing camera on your iPhone for 3D Tempo Vision analysis, this sleek home gym machine displays your workout stats and data seamlessly on your TV or HDMI display. Smart free weights totaling 50 pounds allow for easy weight recommendations, similar to Tempo’s Studio offerings as well.

Want to take your training on the go? The Tempo Core, where your iPhone connects to the system, is removable, allowing for travel-friendly fitness opportunities — provided you bring your smart free weights along, as well.

FightCamp Trackers + Bag


FitghtCamp Trackers + Bag

  • Gamified workouts keep motivation at peak levels
  • Great roster of trainers with years of training and fighting expertise

  • Initial setup can be tedious when setting up your freestanding punching bag
  • Boxing gloves sold separately

Maybe you want your training to be, shall we say, a little more physical. Boxing can be a fantastic high-intensity discipline, but unless you’re taking a boxing class, punching a bag solo isn’t much fun. FightCamp brings that boxing gym environment to your humble abode through its interactive, exciting platform. With FightCamp Personal, you get a freestanding punching bag, as well as a set of digital trackers. All you need to do is provide the boxing gloves, connect through the brand’s companion app and jab away with elite boxing trainer-led classes.

It should be noted, however, that FightCamp recommends filling the base with 350 pounds of dry sand for optimal stability when in use, so before you go punching and kicking your way to your dream physique, a quick trip to your local hardware store is in order. This setup may be tedious, but you only have to fill the base once, and FightCamp provides a few instructional videos to make the process as clean and efficient as possible.

Bowflex VeloCore 22-Inch Bike


Bowflex VeloCore 22-Inch Bike

  • Leaning mode creates a more realistic riding experience, simulating on-road twists and turns for more core engagement
  • 3-pound dumbbells included for off-bike training

  • Nearly five feet in length, which is large when compared to other indoor bikes
  • Some have stated the audio quality can be lacking at times

Pedaling along on an indoor bike can be great for busting out some cardio training, but to add some other modalities, you typically need to hop off the pedals to lift, stretch and perform other exercises. Well, the 22-inch VeloCore Bike from Bowflex allows you to stay in the saddle for some light dumbbell exercises as you follow along with the JRNY-provided live and on-demand classes, but where this at-home gear really earns its “Best Cardio/Gym Combo” moniker is in the Leaning mode. Simulating banking around a turn when on-road cycling, this interactive feature allows you to engage your core as you pedal, leaning left or right to really boost your regimen.

The VeloCore 22-Inch Bike also features wheels at the front for easier maneuvering around your space, but make sure you have enough room to house this impressive indoor cycling unit. At nearly five feet in length, this equipment is a bit larger than other spin bikes on the market, not to mention the additional clearance to engage the Leaning mode.

Hydrow Rower

Best Home Rowing Machine

Hydrow Rower
$2,195.00 (12% off)

  • Quiet, smooth performance for a real on-the-water feel
  • Vertical storage for space-saving convenience when not in-use

  • One-year warranty on components
  • Premium pricing

All the wow without the water, home rowing machines can be great at delivering calorie-burning training in a compact, simple motion. Hydrow’s top-notch offering combines the on-the-water feel of the activity, thanks to the patented electromagnetic drag technology, with a motivating, connected digital platform. At $38 per month, membership in Hydrow’s digital fitness space allows you to tap personal trainers for one-on-one consultation, as well as a plethora of daily live workouts, over 3,000 on-demand courses and more. The membership also includes additional routines in yoga, Pilates and strength training to complement your rowing workouts.

The 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor provides a clear visualization of your reps and stats, along with beautiful scapes in the included Journeys option for unguided rowing through your favorite waterways. While the price is steep compared to other rowers, with so much included, it’s worth the investment.

Editor’s Note: Tight on space but still want to reap the benefits of at-home rowing? Consider Hydrow’s other, more compact silhouette, the Hydrow Wave Rower offering all the same in-training experiences at a fraction of the footprint.

SMRTFT Nüobell


SMRTFT Nüobell

  • 80-pound weight range allows for a wide variety of exercises
  • Clean, compact aesthetic resembles traditional dumbbells, as each plate is added at the end

  • While these are some of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells out there, they’re also one of the most expensive
  • Knurling can be aggressive, especially for those not used to dumbbell or barbell training

If you prefer throwing around good old-fashioned iron and don’t have the space or budget for a full dumbbell set, the massive weight range built into the SMRTFT Nübells can be the perfect tool for packing a rack’s worth of poundage into a small, stylish silhouette. Ranging from 5–80 pounds, we love how many exercises we’re able to accomplish with these adjustable dumbbells. The turn-style adjustments are quick and simple, and because each plate is added at the end of the dumbbell, you get a balanced feeling that’s near identical to the tried-and-true traditional option.

While we suggest the 80-pound set for all its strength-training potential, SMRTFT does offer a 50-pound version for those that might not want the bulkier build. With all that weight, however, comes a hefty price tag — these are some of the most expensive adjustable dumbbells on the market.

Fiture Interactive Fitness Mirror

Most Stylish Home Gym Machine

Fiture Interactive Fitness Mirror

  • Five available colorways to match your in-home aesthetic
  • Industry-first Gesture and Voice Control for hands-free navigation

  • Workout library is limited, but growing
  • Custom workouts do not feature trainer-led instruction

Fiture stands apart from the home gym equipment stable thanks to its industry-first innovations and stylish design. The Interactive Fitness Mirror boasts Motion Engine Technology that utilizes smart motion sensors for real-time feedback and form correction while simultaneously tracking reps, sets pacing, timing and movement. In addition, you’re also able to conveniently control your live, on-demand or customized workouts with your voice or a simple hand gesture. Speaking of, Fiture’s $39 monthly membership gives you the key to all the brand has to offer, including lessons specializing in yoga, barre, HIIT, cardio and much more. The library of training sessions is less dense than other brands, but the directory is growing routinely as Fiture continues to add new circuits, classes and challenges.

The slim, 1.6-inch thick mirror can disappear in any space, but also makes its presence known with five available colorways perfect for any look or decor theme. Choose from Ocean, Stardust, Night, Sunshine and Oasis hues for the workout-minded accessory your living home has been waiting for.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Best Treadmill for At-Home Training

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

  • 14-inch tilt and pivot HD touchscreen for immersive training
  • AutoAdjust technology automatically changes speed and incline with trainer-led workouts

  • You only receive a two-year warranty on parts and electronics
  • Can be cumbersome to move from room to room

Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics, and a treadmill is one of those timeless examples of at-home fitness equipment. If indoor running is your preferred speed, the Commercial 1750 from NordicTrack delivers can’t-miss performance in a sleek, ergonomic silhouette. A quiet, 3.5 CHP motor powers the belt through your runs, while the included iFit access allows you to jog alongside NordicTrack’s stable of elite trainers.

Don’t think this treadmill is just for the cardio-enthused, either. Thanks to a tilt and pivot 14-inch HD touchscreen, you can take your training off the belt and follow along to your favorite instructor-led iFit programs. Be mindful, however, that treadmills can take up a good chunk of your floor space, and at roughly 340 pounds, moving the Commercial 1750 is a two-person ordeal.