No One Can Refuse Such a Carabiner

Crafted from aviation-grade titanium alloy material and with a ground-breaking back clip design, the Kootenay Carabiner is a must have for keeping your gear safe.

pichi design kootenay carabiner

A quality carabiner is a nonnegotiable for keeping your everyday valuables accessible and safe while on the trail, mountain or running about the city. The Kootenay is a Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip by PICHI DESIGN that checks all the boxes. Crafted from aviation-grade titanium alloy and weighing a mere 30 grams, the Kootenay Carabiner is the perfect combination of lightweight and durable.

The Dual Zone Design ensures that your precious EDC items stay secured all day long. Its distinct construction was inspired by the peak of the Kootenay National Park in Canada. The unique shape, with smooth edges, can easily be clipped onto any gear or bag for any outdoor activities. Whether you are looking to keep your keys safe while running errands, or need to rely on top notch gear to take your outdoor pursuits further, this carabineer is for you.

Price: $54


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